Providing Food Packs for the Less Fortunate in Azad Kashmir

Providing essential healthcare in Azad Kashmir

Providing Food Packs for the Less Fortunate in Azad Kashmir

Providing Food Packs for the Less Fortunate in Azad Kashmir

In times of need, such as during the lockdown, Eid, and Ramadan, our organisation takes it upon ourselves to provide food packs for those less fortunate in Azad Kashmir. We understand the importance of reaching out to the vulnerable members of our community, especially during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Extensive Outreach Efforts

During the COVID-19 crisis in Azad Kashmir, we went above and beyond to ensure that our assistance reached those who needed it the most. We traveled to various areas, including Kotli and the border areas of Samahni Valley, to distribute food packs to those less fortunate. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to identify and build an extensive list of zakat-eligible families and individuals with genuine needs.

Collaboration with the Community

We have established a strong partnership through the Bangrilla Community Hospital with local communities that are desperately in need. Many of the individuals who utilise the hospital’s services are also eligible to receive zakat and sadaqah. By working together, we can ensure that our assistance reaches those who need it the most.

Addressing Immediate Hunger Needs and Long-Term Solutions

While providing food packs meets the immediate requirement of hungry families, we also recognise the importance of creating long-term sustainable solutions. We understand that food packs alone are not the solution to hunger. Therefore, we are committed to exploring and implementing initiatives that address the root causes of food insecurity in our community.

Through our efforts, we aim to empower individuals and families to become self-sufficient and break the cycle of poverty. This includes initiatives such as vocational training programs, educational opportunities, and support for income-generating activities. By focusing on long-term solutions, we can help create a more sustainable and resilient community.


At our organisation, we are dedicated to providing food packs for the less fortunate in Azad Kashmir at regular intervals or whenever the need arises. Our extensive outreach efforts, collaboration with the Bangrilla Community Hospital, and focus on long-term solutions are all aimed at addressing the immediate hunger needs and creating sustainable change in our community.

By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate and ensure that no one goes to bed hungry. Together, let’s build a stronger and more resilient Azad Kashmir.

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