For the best healthcare to be provided regardless of social class, background and finances.


To offer an excellent and efficient healthcare service and distribute resources to the poor and destitute.


Mr. Mehrban Hussain
Chairman & Founder

In October 2003, Mr. Mehrban Hussain donated 2.5 acres (20 Kanal) land to build Bangrilla community hospital.

He started a foundation in July 2007
Also did relief work in 2005 Earthquake in Muzaffarabad donated 2 Truckloads of Medicines to field hospital run by Al-Dawah. Built an ICU unit at Al-Abbas Institute of Medical Science in Muzaffarabad costing 1.5 million Rupees. He also did a lot of relief work in 2010 floods in Mansehra and other parts of Pakistan.


Mehrban Hussain

Mehrban Hussain is a retired businessman who donated 2.5 acres (20 Kanal) land to build the Bangrilla Community Hospital in 2003. He is the founder of the charity and has been actively fundraising and involved in the charity since.

Azar Yunis

Azar Yunis is a successful businessman and community leader based in Bradford who has dedicated his time and resources in ensuring the Bangrilla Community Hospital continues to do the work it does.

Tahir Afsar

Tahir Afsar is a semi-retired philanthropist and businessman who has played an integral part in ensuring Bangrilla Community Hospital runs efficiently and to the best standards. He spends a lot of his time in Pakistan and oversees the running of the hospital.

Imran Hamid

Imran Hamid is a successful businessman and philanthropist

Irfan Younus

Irfan Younus is a seasoned Chartered Accountant and the Managing Director of Paragon Accountants. He oversees the finances aspects of the charity.

Ustadha Misba Khan

Ustadha Misba Khan is a female Islamic scholar and community leader and ensures that the charity runs in accordance to an Islamic ethos and guidelines.