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Providing essential healthcare in Azad Kashmir

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Essential Health Care

Umeed Welfare Trust’s flagship project is the Bangrilla Community Hospital. The hospital provides essential healthcare for thousands of patients from Mirpur and beyond.

We have a 24/7 emergency ambulance service which provides patient transport for those who struggle to get to us. Our hospital is equipped with the latest technology to treat dental problems and eye conditions. 


Malnutrition Project

Nutritional deficiencies pose a significant challenge in Azad Kashmir, exacerbated by widespread poverty and deprivation within the region.

Recognising the urgent need for intervention, our collaboration with Midland Doctors marks a crucial step forward. Together, we are committed to implementing comprehensive strategies to combat malnutrition and its far-reaching impacts.


Food Packs

We acknowledge that millions of individuals in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir face daily challenges in accessing food.

While we recognise that distributing food packs may not offer a permanent solution, it can provide immediate relief from hardship while efforts are underway to establish long-term, sustainable solutions.