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Umeed Welfare Trust

Umeed Welfare Trust is driven by a vision where top-quality healthcare is accessible to all, irrespective of social status, background, or financial means.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding and efficient healthcare services while also distributing resources to uplift the poor and destitute, ensuring no one is left behind in the journey towards better health and well-being.

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Our Flagship Project

Bangrilla Community Hospital stands as the cornerstone initiative of Umeed Welfare Trust, a beacon of hope in Bangrilla, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. With state-of-the-art healthcare technology, the hospital is dedicated to providing exemplary healthcare services to its community.

Its commitment to excellence has garnered widespread recognition, with many acknowledging its superiority over the standards set by the NHS in the UK.



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Brilliant hospital with much needed facilities and ample room to expand. Very grateful for having such a place nearby to provide the best healthcare possible and for the locals this is a complete blessing!

Irfan Ayub

Derby, UK

I visited Bangrilla hospital and found it superior to UK NHS hospitals. Courteous staff, quick service, professionalism, spotless and modern facilities. Operates as a charity for the poor, with 24/7 A&E. 

Ansar Razaq

Derby, UK

I must commend the collaborative efforts of UWT UK and BCH in effectively providing relief to the impoverished community, showcasing dedication and compassion towards those in need.

Muhammad Nadeem


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