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Providing essential healthcare in Azad Kashmir

Empower and Evolve: Transforming Healthcare Through Natural Births and Women’s Healthcare

Empower and Evolve: A Charity Making a Difference in Peterborough Empower and Evolve is a charity based in Peterborough that is dedicated to helping run and manage state-of-the-art medical departments, including a dental department and a gynecology department. This organisation is truly amazing in its commitment to improving healthcare and promoting well-being. One of the…
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Addressing the Growing Malnutrition Problem in Mirpur

Addressing the Growing Malnutrition Problem in Mirpur At the Bangrilla Community Hospital in Mirpur, a pressing issue has been identified – the growing problem of malnutrition among newborns and young children in the surrounding area. In an effort to combat this issue, we have sought the expertise and support of the Midland Doctors Association (MDAUK),…
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