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Umeed Welfare Trust, UK has been serving the underprivileged community in Bangrilla and across Azad Kashmir by providing them best healthcare experience. Check out what our Patients, Doctors, Donors and Others have to say about our life-saving journey!

Mohammed Nadeem

Parkodi/ Peterborough, UK

MashAllah BCH is improving their services on daily basis. I agree with your above statement. BCH needs qualified and experience medical administrator who will be accountable for all business under takes at BCH. BCH also requires master planning to implement in the future etc. I must say UWT UK and BCH working nicely to provide relief to local and poor community.

Ansar Razak

Derby, United Kingdom

I had the pleasure of visiting and on a separate occasion using the facilities at Bangrilla hospital. I can honestly say it put the NHS hospital in the uk to shame… from entering and being met by the courteous staff on reception to the short duration on seeing the doctor, who act with utmost professionalism. The place is spotless and the facilities are modern. The best part of this facility is it’s run as a charity for the poor and its doing a brilliant job as it’s A&E is open 24/7 – plenty of Duas for the staff and volunteers

Mr. Irfan Ayub

Derby, United Kingdom

Brilliant hospital with much needed facilities and ample room to expand. Very grateful for having such a place nearby to provide the best healthcare possible and for the locals this is a complete blessing!

Mohammed Nasir

Derby, United Kingdom

During our family holiday in Oct 2022 I was fortunate enough to be given a guided tour of Bangrilla Hospital, I was very impressed by the facilities on a number of levels. The cleanliness of the Hospital is better than the standard in some UK hospitals and the staff greet and deal with you with respect. The variety of different health facilities available was impressive and the fact they operate to serve and support the under privileged at no cost (nominal fee) makes this an incredible institution with a great Niyyah. Allah works in mysterious ways and within a 10 days of my guided visit I was returning to the Hospital but this time as a concerned parent for my 3 year old son. During the 10 days my little Boy Zakariya had fallen quite ill and was very lethargic and completely off his food and drink, as you can imagine this was very concerning for my wife & I as this was his first trip abroad, we had taken him to see a local doctor a few days into him falling ill in Chakswari who asked what medication we had been giving him (Calpol 3 times a day for 3/4 days), the Doctor gave him a quick once over and said its nothing to worry about and to continue with the Calpol which we did. Unfortunately his condition had not improved after a couple of days and so when passing through we took the opportunity to visit Bangrilla Hospital shortly after 1800. We were checked in at reception and had a very short wait and were seen by the on call doctor, she asked a number of questions relating to Zakariya condition and proceeded to carry out a physical checks on him (this was not done by the Chakswari doctor), following this she wrote up a short report of the visit and advised that Zakariya had an infection and would need a round of antibiotics – we were then passed back to reception where we was able to purchase the medicine needed, at a very low and reasonable cost. As a UK Citizen who is not eligible for Zakat I did make a donation at the reception for the services that we were able to use and I urge you all to do the same if you ever visit the hospital! Alhamdulillah within a couple of days of taking the antibiotics I could see a marked improvement within my Son and by the end of the course he was back to his normal self. This Hospital has helped so many people in need, the majority of which can not afford the medical bills so it is key that we all play our part. I have made a commitment inshaAllah to do a collection during Ramadan and hope you will do the same and more!

Abdul Basit

Derby, United Kingdom

We visited earlier in the year and it was great to see a hospital operating at a very professional level in Azad Kashmir catered towards all sections of the community. A great team behind the project too.

Good project to donate too.

Tariq Khan

Birmingham, United Kingdom

I visited the hospital and i was absolutely amazed at the service the hygiene at the hospital.
would definitely recommend you visit to see for yourselves

Mohammed Umar

Chouk saibah kotli Azad kashmir

I visited the dentist at the hospital and I got to say I was surprised at the level of care and assistance the dentist provided. The high tech instruments and machinery they have in this place is on a different level. What really impressed me was the level of hygiene which is second to none. May Allah SWT reward all those involved i this great project. AMEEN

Imran Khan

Kotli, Azad Kashmir

Visited the hospital a couple of times and I got to say MA SHA ALLAH brothers are doing a great job. Very professional and friendly staff. May Allah SWT accept there efforts and may Allah SWT make ease for us all. Allahhumma ameen

Sam Rashid

Derbyshire, UK

I experienced an amazing service at this hospital. I was suffering from a very serious tooth infection and had fractured my tooth whilst on holiday. I was immediately blown away at the professionalism, kindness and compassion shown to me by the medical team. The staff were extremely knowledgable and attentive, nothing was too much trouble. I was given the best advice and options available to me as a patient and I totally felt at ease given that I was in so much pain and nervous about getting an extraction abroad. The hospital is clean and very well looked after, the staff are very welcoming and professional. Overall I have had a very positive experience and would definitely recommend this establishment!

Sam Rashid & Family