E&E Gynae & Women health clinic

Gynaecology & Women Health Department

The Bangrilla Community Hospital includes a Gynecology and Women Health Department which is run by Empower and Evolve, a charity with the expertise and skills to provide an excellent service to women who need emergency gynecology related care or women struggling in the earlier stages of their pregnancy.

The newly established gynecology department at Bangrilla Community Hospital aims to improve the health of local women with a focus on ante-natal care. The clinic ensures that women have access to the necessary pregnancy advice, antenatal check-ups and confidently detect any abnormalities which will then be referred to DHQ (District Head Quarters).

  • The Gynecology unit helps and supports women throughout their pregnancy with a holistic approach, ensuring their physical and mental health needs are met.
  • As the clinic develops, we also hope to educate women on important women’s health issues such as contraception and investigating and managing common health issues.
  • Prevention of illness and disease is very important and we aim to ensure women are educated and empowered to look after their own health and their families.

Dr. Almirah Haseeb

MBChB 2014 MRCGP 2019 - Director of Empower & Evolve

Dr. Almira Haseeb qualified from The University of Leeds in 2014. She undertook 2 years of hospital training and then decided she wanted to focus on Family Health, so completed further training to become a General Practitioner (GP).

Dr. Almirah Haseeb has had her research published in various academic journals and has presented her work internationally. Dr. Almirah Haseeb qualified as a GP in 2019 and continues to work as a family doctor. Her interests include women’s health and medical education.

In her spare time Dr. Almirah Haseeb spends her time with her family as well as looking at projects to Empower and Evolve, the UK based charity her family has set up. She has done a number of projects in the UK to benefit vulnerable communities.

  • Almira Haseeb oversees the Gynecology & Women Health Department at Bangrilla Community Hospital. She is a qualified GP with a particular interest in Family and Women’s Health and works as a family doctor in the UK graduating from The University of Leeds in 2014 and then undertaking 2 years of hospital training.
  • Almirah Haseeb has had her research published in various academic journals and has presented her work internationally.